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Build Farm

You can get a free account then branch, build and make your own repository of Exodus very easily.

Your branch may be tied to the latest version of Exodus so that any new developments flow into your branch transparently.

You can submit instantly any patches or developments back to Exodus where they may be accepted or not.

For any tips please email Steve or say hi on IRC.

Building From Source

The classic way to develop Exodus is to get an account on the build farm, download tarballs, develop locally probably using the autotools built into Exodus, then upload patches which will be automatically built and published by the build farm.

A quick way of downloading tarballs and uploading patches is to use the build farm's subversion-like osc checkout, osc update, osc checkin routine.

The following scripts completely automatically download, build and install Exodus on your system on the three main Linux distributions.

They download the trunk version of Exodus from it's main subversion repository, install all the necessary tools to do a classic autotools build using configure/make/make install and then install it for immediate use.


Includes library, postgres plug, command line utilities and programming using C++ compiler




Language Bindings

Perl, Python, PHP, Java, C#




Building Boost from scratch on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS