OSX 10.5.5 Leopard

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Installing Exodus on Mac is almost identical to installing on Linux but on older Macs it is a little harder to acquire and configure the dependencies.

This install was performed on OSX 10.5.5 (Leopard)

Installing dependencies

Installing C++ compiler

Older macs might need to install XCODE tools from http://developer.apple.com after free registration. This is unfortunately a large 1Gb download.

Newer macs have XCODE tools installer in the Applications or Library folder and you just have to install it.

The XCODE package includes subversion

Installing Postgres




Once downloaded, just do a standard install and remember the admin user password.

Installing Boost

Minimum required is boost 1_33. Here we install 1.38.


Optionally get ICU to fully support unicode in boost regex. How to do this on Mac OSX is unknown at the moment.

Download and unpack Boost Source

In safari get http://downloads.sourceforge.net/boost/boost_1_38_0.tar.bz2 and move it to your home directory.

Open a classic console shell (terminal)

cd ~
tar xvf boost_1_38_0.tar.bz2
cd boost_1_38_0
./configure --help
./configure --with-libraries=date_time,filesystem,regex,thread

Optionally, speed up the build of Boost by only doing the libraries and versions required. ADD additional config to the BJAM_CONFIG line as follows:

nano Makefile
BJAM_CONFIG= -j4 variant=release link=shared

Build Boost


Install Boost after becoming superuser

sudo make install

Ensure boost includes can be found. This step might be eliminated in a better Exodos installer.

sudo ln -s /usr/local/include/boost-1_38/boost /usr/local/include/boost

Building and Installing exodus

Download Exodus using Subversion

cd ~
mkdir exodus
cd exodus
svn co http://svn.neosys.com/svn/trunk
cd trunk/exodus

Ensure postgres can be found (change 8.3 to your version) and check pg_config can run


Confirm where your boost libraries are installed and what their suffix is if any.

find /usr | grep libboost

Use a modified configure command using the boost library suffix from the previous step. The leading - is required.

./configure.bsd -xgcc40-mt
sudo make install

From here on the steps are almost identical to Log_of_an_installation_of_libexodus_on_Centos_5.3 (start after "sudo make install")